The Ts & Cs

No bespoke design the same.

Ink & Thimble is built on my love of individual characters & stories. Simply, I will never replicate an exact bespoke design from one client to the next. The same applies for imitation of other creatives, no copying ever. I am more than happy to absorb as much inspiration from ideas you’ve pinned, aesthetics you are vibe-ing off, & any screenshots you’ve saved - but what I create for you comes from that special union of your brain(s) combined with my brain. 

'Penciling in’.

To ensure maximum creativity & minimum stress, I like to start a creative project with a minimum of 3 months prior to your deadline date (I called this The Date). It's possible that I could be booked up in the 3 months leading up to The Date. - therefore I advise my clients to let me know their deadline date & I can pencil them in. By choosing to pencil in a slot with me you are under no obligation to continue with your order or continue contact with me. It simply means that if another client is keen to book the same slot, I would contact you as first priority to confirm if you required my services or not. 

‘The Date’

The Date is what I call your deadline date. This date is not the date of your wedding day, engagement shoot, or styled shoot date. The Date is your desired date to have your item, in hand. Whether you are super organised and want everything in place 5 months before your day, great. If you’re super casual and are happy to receive your item closer to the day, also fine. Your item will be delivered to you on or before The Date. 

Payments & deposits.

This is how I organise payments and deposits, varying on Total Payment amount. 

Total amounts of £125 or less

One off payment from you to me, prior to commencing any work. 

Total payments above £125

50% of the total payment prior to commencing any work, and the remaining 50% on completion. 

Total payments above £1000.00
50% of the total payment prior to commencing any work, and the remaining 50% on completion.


I offer an optional payment scheme over 3 months to help spread the cost on orders exceeding £1000. This requires setting up a secure Direct Debit mandate with me. Your item will only be delivered on receipt of final payment so please bear this in mind if you choose this option with a deadline of under 3 months. 


I strive to make Ink & Thimble as low-impact on the environment as possible. I use eco-friendly packaging & my material products are sourced from organic and fair trade fabric suppliers. Please contact me if you want more details on the Ink & Thimble footprint, accountability to the environment & materials suppliers.


As everything I make is time considered, handmade & designed to order I do not offer refunds on any of my work. 

T-shirts are refundable within 14 days of purchase.


Please read about Shipping here.