Bespoke Embroidery



Embroidery is my sister passion and craft

An embroidered wall-hanging in my Grandma’s house is the first thing I think of when I think of her home. Made in the 1950’s, an embroidered gift for her and my Granddad’s wedding is still in perfect condition, a piece of personal history. If you offered me the world over that wall-hanging, I’d be happy to decline.

The thought that one day a couple, a child, a grandchild could cherish, even half as much as this, something I had created for their own personal family history brings me so much joy. 

Some examples of what I could embroider are personalised embroidery hoop scenes, ring pouches, pocket squares, top table placemats, and more. I also create bespoke garters, either as functional pieces to wear on the day or as a good luck gift gesture. If you have any ideas then please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to create something unique for you. 


Please look below at some examples of embroidered items I have created.

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