Love Letters

Ink & Thimble Love Letter Embroidery

What are Ink & Thimble Love Letters?

Ink & Thimble love letters transform handwriting into thread. Using a needle as a pen and thread as ink, JB (me!) carefully rewrites your words by hand keeping all of its peculiarities, character, and identity. Using a technique that is like no other embroidery stitch, the thread lifts off the cotton and is allowed to move freely, just as our handwriting flows. 

Whether you want to eternalise that post-it note you’ve had on the fridge for 10 years, you’re looking for the perfect wedding morning gift, or you’re cherishing a memory - if it’s handwritten it can be transformed.

Love letters are available in two colour choices; Red thread on dusky pink cotton, or black thread on white cotton.

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So - you love the idea and the sentiment, but you’re worried your handwriting is scrawly and illegible? Please do not fear - this is my favourite handwriting to embroider. My partner Ed, despite being a designer, has the most scruffy lovely handwriting on earth. I embroidered it for him once and the whole experience was profoundly glorious. Read about it here & come back to me.

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