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Ink & Thimble

stationery, embroidery, calligraphy, lettering, storytelling




Ink & Thimble is a bespoke wedding stationery & embroidery service, specialising in hand painted illustrations, calligraphy & lettering, and bespoke embroidered textile items. Inspired by individuality, this service prides itself on handcrafted authenticity and customer experience. Ink & Thimble thoughtfully celebrates personal history through paper goods, lettering, embroidery, and keepsake items. 

I believe human beings are lovely squishy things whose stories should be celebrated through creating beautiful pieces that showcase every little bit of lovely. 



some of my work;


hand lettering

place cards, table numbers, table plans, murals, banners, menus, vows, & more


wedding stationery

save the dates, invitations, rsvp’s, details, custom maps, order of service, thank you’s, & more


embroidered items


placemats, ring pouches, garters, pocket squares, vow books, lettering, gifts, & more


a little about JB


My name is Julia Bethan (or JB) and I am the romantic slush-face human holding the Ink & the Thimble. I am based in Cardiff, but if you know anybody from my hometown Swansea, don’t tell them I like it here. I am massively animated about symbolism, little traditions and personal history.  I feel approximately 1001% times better when I’ve got my heart rate up and I love to start my day with a jog, and finish it fostering my inner monkey with my climbing buddies. I love to travel like a wildy, and read in bed by 21:00 like I’m 80. I will clean up your dishes before you’ve finished eating, and make you a duvet nest on my sofa. My favourite snack attack is coffee, dried mango, almonds & dark chocolate. I watch ALL the seasons, if you think you have a good recommendation that I might not have watched, try me. Ink & Thimble is the humble home of my creative mind & (clingy) need to connect with human beings. I look forward to where this dream job evolves and connecting with all the lovely people I hope to meet along the way. 



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