Frequently Asked Questions

What do you embroider?

Cotton, Linen, Denim, Lace, Tulle, Wool, Paper, etc, etc - basically anything that I can. There are some more fiddly fabrics that could pose some tricky hand-embroidered work (e.g. highly decorated lace, silks, or any material with a very wide or loose weave) but please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas.

If you are getting any wedding wear or textile item made to order, you can ask your maker to keep any spare off-cuts and send them my way. This is extremely useful to me in order to gauge whether your item can be appropriately embroidered. No request is too extreme, & no amount of email-to-email chat is time wasted. 

I want an embroidered veil - is this something you do?

I am an embroidery customisation service and am not a veil designer or milliner.  This means you would have to purchase your veil elsewhere, and then send it to me for customisation. Ultimately, you get a choice double whammy -  pick whatever veil shape or design you desire and then utilise my embroidery services to make it uniquely decorated to you.

How does sending you something for customisation work?

Once we have discussed your embroidered item & it’s fit for customisation, you can send it to me in the post. I embroider it. I send it back! Basically, we are pen pals - levelled up. 

I take the postage of your item to me into consideration when calculating costs.

Can you embroider onto lace/wedding dresses?

Yes I can, but this depends on the type of lace. Lace is a wonderfully unique individual who has a personality of their own. Highly decorated lace with a lot of pattern variation might prove more difficult to embroider than standard lace. However, it’s my creative job to solve these laced challenges so don’t hesitate to contact me, and if you can acquire any off-cuts of your lace then send them my way. I will be transparent and honest with you if I consider the project too complex. 

How far in advance to ‘The Date’ should I contact you?

Embroidery is a time consuming process so I like to start an embroidery project with a minimum of 3 months prior to your chosen date. However, this being said I'm obviously a human being and am willing to squeeze projects in if I have a free slot and if the design isn't too large/elaborate. 

Please note rush orders might incur an additional fee.

What is ‘The Date?’

'The Date’ is not your Wedding Day date. ’The Date’ is your desired date to have your item in hand. Read more about this in my T’s & C’s here

What is your availability?

It's possible that I could be booked up in the 3 months prior to The Date - therefore I advise my clients to let me know their deadline date as far in advance as possible & I can pencil them in. Read more about ‘Penciling in’ in my Ts & Cs here

I have a limited budget but I really want some embroidery - help?

Well this is perfect then isn’t it - because I love embroidery, I know how long it takes, & how much it costs. Please do not fear having a small budget & a big idea, we can chat it through and design something that fits both the brief & the bank account. 

Can you give me a rough idea of pricing?

Pricing for bespoke items is dependent on both amount of embroidery, and level of detail.

I include some price and budget advice on each product page - if you can’t find these or simply you CBA (fair play to you) then honestly do not hesitate to contact me directly at - it is my sincere aim to be as warm, welcoming, & zero awks about anything money related.

How do I pay for my order?

Please see my Ts & Cs for info regarding payments & deposits here. If your questions aren’t answered then by all means get in touch. 

Can I get a hell yeah?

Hell yeah!