Bespoke Embroidery

Bespoke veils are for those lovely humans who just want a load of STUFF. All over their veil. If you want florals, mixed with stars, sequins, colour, mixed with an embroidery of your dog, lyrics to a special song, or your mum’s mate Judy fave order on the takeaway - this is your chance! If you are unsure what you want on your veil, enquire about a bespoke option and I can help you figure it alllllll out.

Bespoke veil prices are wholly dependent on the amount of embroidery plus the level of detail, though I do advise a budget upwards of £450. Any money q’s feel free to ask, zero awks money policy here!

For more information contact me here or check out my FAQ.

Caring is Cool Veil - Ink & Thimble // The Wedding Enthusiast

Bespoke embroidered tulle for Ellie Kime’s (The Wedding Enthusiast) stand at Most Curious Wedding Fair, 2019.

Read the process story here.