"A person-centred approach is the key to my process.."


Ink & Thimble is more than a wedding goods shop - it is a bespoke service built on creating beautiful stories. Whether it is through paper goods, embroidery, textiles, or giant hand-lettered vows, I am here to tell your story. I am wholly committed to creating unique and memorable experiences that enhance one day, and celebrate one lifetime.

A person-centred approach is the key to my process. You know when people leave handwritten shopping lists in the bottom of the basket? To me, that is pure–unadulterated-heaven. I think it’s so personal to see somebody’s handwriting, the protagonist in their own little shopping story. I try and hone in on this when I’m creating stories for clients through my wedding stationery & embroidery. To discover their personality handwriting, the curves, the straights, their likes and passions, what connects them and what best showcases their personalities.

Ink & Thimble is based in Cardiff, Wales, but we can be more than just pen pals. I am happy to travel to you, and chat things through over coffee (cake obligatory).  Equally, I can communicate and complete work effectively through the wonders of the internet, and cater to clients from all of Earth’s little nooks.