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Sophie Lake Photography

Sophie Lake Photography


OH hello! I’m JB - textile artist, illustrator, & the playful brain behind Ink & Thimble - a creative embroidery & illustration service.


I specialise in crafting handmade, original items for playful, uniquely-sentimental & creative human beings. From bespoke wedding veils, to denim patches, to stitched love letters - Ink & Thimble is there for all and any needs that require 1) a creative brain 2) embroidery and/or illustration design 3) the celebration of one or more lovely human beings. 

Based in Cardiff, Wales, Ink & Thimble predominantly caters to human beings sailing the wedding seas around the UK & beyond. 

I set up Ink & Thimble in 2018 after leaving my previous post as a paediatric nurse. After a very long time of searching for creativity at every turn of my LIFE, I finally bit the bullet, quit my job and didn’t even tell my mum (soz mate)*. 

I love human beings. I also love when human beings are unashamed of loving, human beings who celebrate others and themselves, human beings who hold onto sentimental bits of paper. And what’s more, I adore listening to people’s love stories and memories. These stories are nectar to a J-Bee. 

So if you would like an original piece of embroidery and/or illustration for any reason that should call for it (even if it’s a bespoke creation for your mum’s mate Judy who makes a hell of an apple crumble) then please contact me via the form below, or directly at (and get ready for your inbox to become extremely informal & overwhelmed with JB enthusiasm). 

*she hates it when I call her mate. Lol.

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