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Ink & Thimble

Ink & Thimble is a bespoke, modern & creative wedding embroidery and illustration service; crafting handmade, original items for the playful, the meaningful & the creative wedding couple. 

The boss of this one-woman show is me - textile artist & illustrator Julia Bethan (or JB). I am a human-being obsessive and bizarre-romance reveller putting paint, thread & story-telling above everything.

Ink & Thimble Wedding Embroidery & Illustration

What is it about story-telling?

Without stories, what would we even talk about? Our whole life is a culmination of unique stories that we share with our family & friends & special lobster. We will continue to celebrate them between us and share them to the next generation. Stories are forever. I want to make bespoke creations that last forever and tell stories in paint & thread. Heirlooms that illustrate beautiful life moments. Items that encompass memory.

Ink & Thimble Wedding Embroidery & Illustration

Why weddings & love stories?

Because, to be cliche, I love them. Not the big bunch of flowers, chocolate buying, big red hearts kind - but love stories with unpredictable scripts. Love built on the foundation of individual personalities, using the bricks of shared experiences, held together with the trust and openness of long-term loyalty. This love should be celebrated, held up high as shiny examples of reality, and is wholly worth the investment. For anyone who believes weddings equate to large sums of money 'for just one day' - you are wrong. A wedding is the celebration of a love story. And it's up to it's protagonists to write the script.

Ink & Thimble Wedding Embroidery & Illustration

How unique is an item?

Okay, so how can one even when one simply cannot even. I'll let ya in on (one of) my odd JB past-times. I collect people's shopping lists. 100% strangers lists left at the bottom of baskets, and even the soggy ones dropped onto the pavement. I will move all dry & clean things into one pocket to make space for the soggy gross list in my now free pocket. Seeing these things and walking by goes against my own personal values. An inner JB crime. I wish I was embellishing this - but I could start a museum with my collection. Why? Because it's an original memory - it gifts a tiny glimpse into someone's day, written in real life pen by a real life hand. It blows my mind when I think about it too deeply - and I appreciate it with my whole heart & brain. I appreciate these in the same way I appreciate original works of art. If I can become this enamoured with biro on wet paper, imagine my joy when couples choose me to create something sensationally original and unique. Mind, heart, brain - blown away. The items I create are not in the category of 'stuff' nor are they crafted to mimic high street perfection. They are you, your story, and your original memory.

Ink & Thimble Wedding Embroidery & Illustration

When can we talk?

Before we talk, please make a cup of tea and peruse my embroidery & illustration galleries to check if you like my style & read through my FAQ & Ts & Cs pages.

I’ll embroider your sausage dog onto your wedding dress, a donut onto your collar, and your wedding vows onto your jacket. I’ll paint celestial wizardry onto your backdrop, illustrate your menu, and draw portraits of your entire guest list. I’m trusting you to come up with the fun stuff - you can trust me to make it.

Please make me say ‘I can’t believe this is my job' via my contact form below here or directly at

P.s. if you succeed in genuinely making me say that I’ll throw in something extra spesh.

Ink & Thimble Wedding Embroidery & Illustration


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